Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm starting my own museum of archaic technology...

Underwood Typewriter
Finally, time to share my awesome thrift shop / craigslist finds with my blog! I've been getting into archaic things lately.  I picked up this 1940s typewriter for $30 about a month ago. Of course I typed a flurry of letters for 4 days and haven't touched it since, but it does make a rather striking decoration.  And weighs more than most of my furniture.

Silver hot drink container
This amazing thing was a thrift shop find.  As soon as the sun comes out for more than a day, I'm going to fill it with delicious fresh squeezed lemonade!

And now to go watch an episode of my favorite out dated show ever - Gargoyles.  But first... LOOK AT THE MACHINERY! SO FANCY!


  1. Getting into archaic things "lately" eh? I'm pretty sure this preference has been with you for much longer ;)

    It *does* make a striking decoration!

  2. Haha, ooh... You may be right about that...