Thursday, June 17, 2010

Myst Jewelry?

I am convinced that Myst, the PC game series in which you travel around lost islands while solving puzzles, must have laid the framework for the current mad trend that is Steampunk. This weird thought struck me after seeing an amazing video of a clockwork peep hole:

I was reminded how much I had loved those games, how visually stunning they were, and how they constantly incorporated elegant clockwork mechanisms into previously simple doors.

Oddly enough, the color schemes of those games stuck with me more than anything. Those rich blue-greens and elegant art-nouveau curves probably influenced my visual design preferences more than I like to admit...

But really, how could they not?

Today, the idea of Myst inspired jewelry got me super excited.  is going to be one of my prime resources. This is going to be awesome.

Also, I found out that there are TWO MYST GAMES I never played!  Good god, what madness!

Myst IV: Revelation 
(DVD-ROM)Myst V: End of Ages 

I've got a lot of puzzles and crafting ahead of me... it promises to be lovely :)

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