Friday, August 13, 2010

Copper and Turquoise Bracelet Design

Though not intentionally Myst inspired, I did play Myst IV for a bit before I started beading so...who know? I think it still counts! :)
I tried a couple different photography angles to try to get the neat toggle, the texture of the ring, and the colors right.  I might make a couple more and put them on my Etsy.


Hammered Copper Ring

Antique Copper Jump Rings

2" Copper Headpins (so bendy! so shiny!)
Round Antique Copper Toggle
African "turquoise" 15mm lentil (out of stock?)


  1. I never played Myst, but I love the colors!! Is it heavy?? I may have to purchase one if you do sell them :D

    Also how did you take those pictures?

  2. Its pretty light weight actually. The copper ring is feather-light, surprisingly. Its the stones that weigh it down a bit. Which is good, cause it mostly stays right side up!

    I took the pictures in a light-box my work keeps for product photography. Then, I used Photoshop "levels" to adjust the white balance (though not very carefully :P )

  3. Nice - well if you do make more, let me know!

    The pictures look great! I wish I had a lightbox. I'm sure Dave would loooove to have one for his models too.

  4. Haha, will do.

    PS if you're interested in building a box on the cheap, there are tons of tutorials out there! This one looks almost exactly like what i used. Mine is made out of corrugated plastic instead of cardboard...

  5. Hey did you see that you won on The Bright Side Project? I saw you hadn't claimed your prize. You won the gift certificate to Ira Grant Eco. Congrats!

  6. Thanks to Jessica's blog, I got to see your bracelet, it's beautiful!
    Jess' Mom