Thursday, September 2, 2010

More Bracelets and a Happy Ship

I've been making tons of bracelets based on that last one I posted. And by "tons" I mean I made two more. They look like this:

And then I ran out of copper rings and made a couple of these:
And then I ran out of African "Turquoise" - which I guess is actually a lovely form of Jasper (and which I cannot find more of in this shape on the internet to save my life... what gives?)- and made just one of these Magnesite and copper bracelets:
And then I thought about posting them in my shop but got distracted by my lack of banner, so made this little thing :

The bracelets are headed for my Etsy shop. Stay tuned.


  1. awesome pictures!

    also, you need to rename your blog to match that amazing banner!

  2. I love the bracelets!! It will definitely be a hard decision of which one to pick when you put them up on the store!

    Oh and Dave and I are planning to make a light box soon!

    <3 the banner- just in time for Talk Like A Pirate Day (Sept 19th)

  3. Oh! Catherine, if you want to buy a bracelet, just shoot me an email. I'll give you a big discount! :P

  4. Lols saw this comment after I bought it :D Its alright, I like supporting my friends!