Friday, April 29, 2011

Turquoise and Copper Teardrops

Hello blog! Its been a while, but I've been busy, I swear! In fact, I've been crafting so much, I don't have time to blog! Hahaha.... Its not a good excuse, is it? But its kind of true...

Lately, I've built a potting bench, painted it in a sort of country "distressed" style, knitted a cupcake and a tea cozy (as yet unfinished), and started painting some minis I got to make my own Descent Journeys in the Dark characters. Oh, and made 3 pairs of the earrings you see above.  They turned out super cute! I love the repeat of the teardrop shape and the traces of copper tone in the turquoise...A better picture is definitely in order.

I've also been playing piano like crazy. I heard music from the Pride and Prejudice Soundtrack and pretty much compelled me to pick up the sheet music...So good!

Pride & Prejudice - Soundtrack from Motion Picture - Piano Solo Songbook

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