Friday, May 21, 2010

Fancy Friday: Sharing is Caring

I bought the most awesome Craigslist find ever yesterday...but I don't have any pictures yet so that will have to wait :)

Meanwhile, in the spirit of Fancy Fridays, I'm going to share with you some fancy things my awesome friends have made:

A new sculpture from ceramic artist Shasta Krueger.... Her stuff keeps getting more and more awesome :)

An adorable (and incredibly detailed) tiny felt monkey by fellow Craft Club goer Roz, of Tenshi Studios

And finally....

The image Jess, also of the Craft Club, will be painting tomorrow in Chris and D's new house.  I'm also doing a mural, but I have no mockups to share yet.... Since I'm supposedly also starting tomorrow, check back soon for progress reports.

That's enough awesome for one day.

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