Saturday, May 15, 2010

Oi! Blog!

Well, blog, its been a while since last I posted.  Though, for once, this lapse was not do to arts/crafts inactivity! No no, on the contrary, I have actually been too busy to be able to worry about blogging!  I will  tell you of these things, but a few things need to be discussed before we get to that.  MEGA POST, ACTIVATE!

First off, check out my Bear!  

Yesterday was his 3 month anniversary of joining my household, and I like to think he's actually (almost) over the misery of being turned into an indoor cat. He an the Qwerp are even starting to be buddies:

Second order of business, I am in love with a band called Dinosaur Feathers and their album, Fantasy Memorial.  Don't ask me why, but love it is. I listen to them even now...

Wires! Blobs of clay! Baking pans! This is Jess (left) and my (right) half-finished attempts at doll sculpting, from the Snackluck Craft Club several months (?) ago.  Unfortunately, they're still half-finished. Ha. We took a break from these and ended up making tiny felt animals and learning to crochet:

Adorable success! The thing on the left is a crocheted coffee cup.  Natalie crocheted a pear, and I was compelled to honor my favorite wordless webcomic.  On a non Snackluck Craft Club note, Jess and I have been taking oil painting.

Most boring still life ever:

Color study that turned into a ghostly portrait:

Half way point in a more interesting still life (now finished, will update later):

 And I've been on a personal Lace Quest for no apparent reason. I bought these from for a surprisingly reasonable price:

So far I've made beautiful lace headbands...

And want to make fancy lace collars!

I bought some fabric from Joanne's online store while there was a super sale.  I see summer skirts and dresses in my future!

And bought some lovely little scraps of Amy Butler-esque fabric at the craft store today since they were on sale, thus expanding my collection of fabric I have no idea what to do with!

I'm a pretty happy camper, when I'm crafting :)


  1. awesomest mega post evar! the headbands look so beautiful!

  2. Ooooh so many pretty things! I'm really digging the fabric- looking forward to seeing what you do with it!

  3. I wanted to make this vogue dress out of the red floral or the paisley:

    But I'm waiting till Vogue patterns go on sale again :(